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The rates of adoption and timelines of autonomous trucks mentioned within this project are taken literally from tech developers' own investor presentations. As a result, Stealing Fire is intentionally taking a pessimistic viewpoint. The goal here to help facilitate meaningful conversations on new tech developments in trucking that are relevant to drivers. There is no doubt that important aspects of this issue have been overlooked. This project makes no claim to be all encompassing and isn't currently able to represent all of the communities present within the trucking industry.

The descriptions of violence within The Virtuous Cycles are based on references to the Luddite Rebellions in 19th century England and the Coal Wars that were fought in early 20th Century America. I do not condone or support the use of violence, insurrection, industrial sabotage, or any other method of criminal activity. However, if America fails to adequately address the consequences of A.I. to ensure that people can support themselves, I firmly believe that the worst outcomes are exactly what we can expect. We experienced that before and we are on a path to see it again. 

If you have recommendations, requests for media appearances, suggestions for additional coverage or corrections, I can be reached at:

Instagram: @yearjames

James Year is a documentary and editorial photographer who specializes in still photography, but is also proficient in audio, video, and post-production skill sets. He originates from a rural, blue collar background in NW Iowa, while also having six years of hauling international freight on C-130's during his enlistment in the United States Air Force. After his enlistment, he graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Sociology and is finishing a M.S. in Mulitmedia, Photography and Design at Syracuse University. He is focused on labor, technology, and environmental stories. 

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